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- Keeping Families together one case at a time -

We at Torres Solutions strive to provide our clients with the best service in Immigration, Divorces, Trust/Wills and DACA Petitions.

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The client is our priority.

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One of the things that has been our main pillar in all this years is that we take each case very personal.

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After +30 years of experience we have we’ve been able to build a business based on 3 main things:

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Service, we serve our clients so they can pursue a better future.

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Honesty, we work with honesty so we can find the best solutions for each case.

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Respect, we work with respect because we know that more than just a client you are a person.

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Working with these 3 things always in mind has allowed us to help our clients beyond their cases, always serving and helping them to build a better future.

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+30 years of experience!

Let's work your case together!


Based on our honest work, we build relationships with each and every client we have.

Good Service

We know how important each case is, so we put all of our focus in offering a good service so we can help each and every client.


We treat our client with dignity and respect!

Hablamos Español

Sirviendo la comunidad latina desde 1986.

Each case matters!

Work with the experts!

Let's work your case together!